BIHIMA shares the latest guidance and updates for the hearing care industry on the pandemic.


Updated industry guidance during Covid-19

AIHHP, BAA, BSA and BSHAA have once again joined forces to publish an update to their audiology and otology guidance during Covid-19.

BSHAA explains that a few amendments have been made for January 2021 and recommends that providers continue to operate within stage D of its guidance (Page 33).


Health regulators issue joint statement on Covid-19

Health regulators have issued a joint statement recognising the highly challenging circumstances in which health and care professionals are working to provide care during the pandemic.

It remains essential that HCPs continue to provide competent care for their patients and that the regulators maintain their statutory duties in this area, but that the difficult circumstances arising around Covid19 are taken into account.


BSL guidance on shielding

This week, the government finally added British Sign Language and audio versions to England’s guidance on shielding and protecting people defined on medical grounds as extremely vulnerable from Covid-19.

Patient groups like the RNID and RNIB have been calling on the government to do this for many months; we are delighted to see it finally implemented.


“As we start a new year with vaccination hopes ahead, BIHIMA members are concerned over the crisis we face of the unmet need resulting from the pandemic, however we are filled with hope that with a vaccine rollout underway there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel. We applaud the industries continued efforts to deliver guidance and care during these trying times.” BIHIMA Chairman, Paul Surridge