How end-users are driving hearing care technology.

BIHIMA interviews Tom Woods from GN Hearing.


Read BIHIMA’s latest interview in the ‘2021 technology series’ for audiology magazine Audio Infos. We interviewed Tom Woods, Senior Vice President Europe & Global Partner Sales at GN Hearing, on putting the customer at the heart of innovation.

“There really isn’t a standard ear – each person’s hearing is unique – but hearing instruments use a standardised approach, so, the sound can be inorganic. We have a design philosophy called Organic Hearing, mimicking the sound people hear. For example, our ReSound ONE hearing aid with M&RIE places an additional microphone in the ear canal that mimics and improves localisation.”

Tom Woods, GN Hearing.


“I believe the involvement of HCPs is critical for the best customer outcome. I envision a more educated consumer, working closely with the HCP and in some cases working with the manufacturer. Technology innovation, user insight, and a delivery model that includes a hands-on HCP and a digital approach to augment that.”

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This 2021 technology interview series is a regular feature in Audio Infos Magazine and can be found online at Audiology World News. BIHIMA interviews one of its members in each issue of the magazine on a pressing technology topic effecting the hearing instrument industry today.