How hearing instruments can improve musical instruments.

BIHIMA interviews Barbara Simon from Bernafon.


In BIHIMA’s latest interview for the ‘2021 technology series’ in audiology magazine Audio Infos, we spoke to Barbara Simon, Clinical Research Audiologist at Bernafon in Bern Switzerland, about their music programme and the results of a recent study they conducted with musicians.

Losing your hearing can be devastating. For music enthusiasts and especially musicians it can also mean losing your lifelong passion and even your career. At Bernafon, they have a priority focus on improving the music experience for the hearing instrument user.

Barbara Simon, Bernafon


“We partnered with Marshall Chasin from Canada to develop our first music programme for hearing instruments back in 2008. A live music programme was tested with musicians and was successful. Since then, it has been a defining factor of what Bernafon does. We aim to not only keep the ability to listen to music alive for those with hearing loss, but also help musicians to play better. We want to improve the experience for music listeners and music users alike.”

“Our recent study was aimed at assessing the benefits of an optimised music programme. One of our audiologists created a protocol that you can use to optimise the music programme for an individual, so we wanted to see how much more this improves the experience for a musician over the standard programme.” says Barbara.

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This 2021 technology interview series is a regular feature in Audio Infos Magazine and can be found online at Audiology World News. BIHIMA interviews one of its members in each issue of the magazine on a pressing technology topic effecting the hearing instrument industry today.