Is remote support here to stay?

BIHIMA interviews Angela Pelosi from Phonak


Read the second interview in BIHIMA’s 2021 technology series for the UK audiology magazine Audio Infos. We interviewed Angela Pelosi, Global Director of Audiology at Phonak, on the hot topic of remote support. We ask Angela if the pandemic has accelerated an inevitable technology advancement for our industry, and find out if remote support has improved hearing services for the long term.

“During Covid, ensuring patients—especially elderly ones—could remain safely at home whilst receiving hearing care has been the primary reason remote support has advanced. But there are so many other benefits to the service. The fact that you can adjust a hearing aid in a real time environment is key. You can achieve better outcomes for patients than you would in a clinic setting.

“There are so many people out there with untreated hearing loss, so if we can make hearing services more convenient, and break down barriers to accessing care we can help more people start their hearing journey sooner.”

Angela Pelosi, Phonak

“Developing best practices on how to incorporate the technology was essential, to ensure audiologists could do any step of the patient journey digitally while still providing high quality care.” Angela Pelosi, Phonak.


Read the full interview online at Audiology World News.

This 2021 technology interview series is a regular feature in Audio Infos Magazine and can be found online at Audiology World News. BIHIMA interviews one of its members in each issue of the magazine on a pressing technology topic effecting the hearing instrument industry today in an illuminating series.