How hearing instrument technology impacts user experience.

BIHIMA interviews Don Hayes from Unitron.


In BIHIMA’s latest interview for the ‘2021 technology series’ in audiology magazine Audio Infos, we spoke to Don Hayes, Director of Clinical Research at Unitron, about how technology has improved user experience and the work they are doing to continue to improve this.

Everyone using hearing instruments has their own, individual, listening needs. We asked Don about the main developments over the last decade, what he thinks the biggest challenge for wearers are and what technology advances will address this.

“Every individual has their own unique auditory ecology.” Don Hayes, Unitron


“The single most important technological development in the industry over the last decade has easily been wireless communication using Bluetooth. This allows us to offer services that were previously impossible.

Bluetooth technology has allowed fittings to move out of the personal space realm and into the cyberspace realm when required. Of course, you always want someone seated in front of you when they need your help, but when social distancing is required, the safest thing for all concerned is to use the new technology and provide distance support. I think it was a life saver for many clinics and for many hearing instrument wearers as well.

A hearing instrument is primarily a sound delivery device. In many respects we still treat them like they are just amplifiers, but they are so much more than that now. Hearing instruments are crossing the line into consumer electronics and should be thought of as platforms for all manner of sound delivery and more.” Don Hayes


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This 2021 technology interview series is a regular feature in Audio Infos Magazine and can be found online at Audiology World News. BIHIMA interviews one of its members in each issue of the magazine on a pressing technology topic effecting the hearing instrument industry today.