Hearing technology can transform a person’s life, the challenge we currently face is how they access it.

Today marks World Hearing Day 2021. As part of our commitment to raise awareness of hearing loss and the vital benefits of hearing technology, BIHIMA worked with Health Awareness on the 2021 National ENT campaign.

Thousands of people with hearing loss have been unable to benefit from hearing instruments during the pandemic. For these people, comorbidities such as depression and cognitive decline are inevitable. We face a major healthcare crisis as a result of this unmet need.

A printed publication was enclosed within every copy of the Guardian newspaper and the content is available online at https://bit.ly/3sjk4PE. The campaign featured exclusive content from key thought leaders and industry voices to raise awareness of ENT conditions on World Hearing Day.

Learn more about the post pandemic crisis of unment need for hearing loss from BIHIMA Chairman, Paul Surridge, in his thought provoking article.