The World Health Organisation has released information about its chosen theme for the next World Hearing day, which will be celebrated on 3 March 2019. BIHIMA warmly welcomes the campaign which is called “Check Your Hearing” as it chimes with much of our organisation’s campaigning work over the past few years to raise public awareness about hearing loss.

The WHO campaign is set to focus on the importance of early identification and intervention in hearing loss, pointing out that many people live with unidentified hearing loss, often failing to realise that there are certain sounds and words that they cannot hear properly. The campaign graphics (a pixilated design containing a hidden message) cleverly illustrates the effort that some people have to make to hear. Greater awareness about the need for regular hearing checks would go a long way to addressing the problem of under-diagnosis.

World Hearing Day 2019- Announcement

This year, the WHO wants to spread the message that hearing checks are easy, quick and accessible. This is in line with the BIHIMA campaign for hearing tests to be understood by society as “the new normal”, in the same way that most people go for regular eye tests, and our campaign for a national screening programme:

However, there is also a special message for those who are at a higher risk of hearing loss, such as adults over 50 and those who work in noisy places.

As part of its role in influencing global public policy, the WHO will argue that services for early identification and intervention should be available through every country’s health system.

More information about the WHO campaign can be found at