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Dr Bellini is 'an historian of the future', an expert in futurology who travels the world educating audiences about the key trends and strategic challenges facing professionals and businesses as we move into the mid-2020s and beyond. With a PhD from the London School of Economics, he was the first British staff member of the US futurology ‘think tank’ at the Hudson Institute. He has also worked with the Henley Centre for Forecasting, the Economist Intelligence Unit and other leading research institutes. In 2007, James was elected Fellow of the World Innovation Foundation and he also has more than twenty-five years’ experience as an award-winning TV broadcaster, presenting The Money Programme for BBC TV for three years before moving to Newsnight and Panorama.
Every professional and business leader wishes they could predict the future for their industry. Using his significant experience in tracking trends and historical trajectories, combined with a knowledge of the latest global developments, Dr James Bellini did just that – painting a picture of macro changes that will affect consumers before homing in on technological advances with particular reference to hearing health care.
Dr James Bellini
Dr James Bellini spoke on…
Hearing Healthcare in an Age of Technological Disruption
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Dr Stefan Zimmer is the Secretary General of the European Hearing Instrument Manufacturers Association (EHIMA), the European counterpart to BIHIMA, an organisation which brings together and serves as a voice on behalf of the largest hearing technology companies in the world. Stefan is also the Chairman of the German Hearing Aid Industry Association (BVHI), having previously gained experience of the hearing care sector as General Manager of a Chamber of Commerce for small and medium-sized companies. He also offers many years of experience in international social and health policy having been the international relations lead for the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV).
The EuroTrak report is a comprehensive study of hearing impairment and the use of hearing technology across Europe, which is only conducted in each country every 2-3 years. Alongside BIHIMA member, Alistair Tait, Stefan presented the latest findings from the 2018 UK EuroTrak report, offering exclusive access to the data from the UK and an analysis of what it might say about the future of our audiology sector.
Stefan Zimmer
Stefan Zimmer spoke on...
Secretary General of EHIMA
The inside track on EuroTrak: what the new data tells us about the UK market
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Professor Shield is Professor Emerita at London South Bank University and a Visiting Professor at Brunel University London. She retired as Professor of Acoustics at London South Bank University in 2014 after nearly 30 years of teaching, research and consultancy in environmental and architectural acoustics. In 2006, she was the author of a report published by Hear-It on the social and economic consequences of hearing loss, and she was a joint author of the Department of Health report on the effects of environmental noise on health. She is an Honorary Fellow and former President of the UK Institute of Acoustics and a Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America.
Professor Shield presented some preliminary findings of her extensive review of recent literature on many aspects of hearing impairment. She discussed the prevalence of hearing loss in Europe, its impact on psychological and physical wellbeing and dementia, and use of hearing aids. The presentation concluded by showing some preliminary estimates for the economic impact of hearing loss in Europe, the UK and Ireland.
Prof Bridget Shield
Prof Bridget Shield spoke on...
Professor Emerita at London South Bank University
The consequences and costs of untreated hearing loss
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Curtis Alcock is the founder of the online hearing think tank and he is currently playing a key role in shaping the hearing healthcare profession in its responsibility to lead society in new ways of thinking about one of the most important human senses. A qualified hearing care professional, Curtis began his audiology career at the UK’s longest established hearing care practice, Broom Reid & Harris. He has since gone on to run the practice, rebranding it in 2015 to Audify®, and has become an influential writer and speaker, presenting his work all over the world and to Members of the European Parliament. He is a guest lecturer and external examiner on the hearing aid audiology course at Mary Hare, and in 2013 won the Ida Institute's award for best public awareness campaign.
Lurking in the back of every hearing care professional’s mind is the fear that technology will eventually make them "surplus to requirements". Curtis Alcock explained how hearing healthcare professionals can gain an invaluable “sixth sense” that enables them to always stay one step ahead of the ever-evolving stream of new technology and changing consumer behaviour, and to instinctively recognise the new opportunities that others dismiss as threat – whether it’s PSAPs, self-fitting hearing technology, or the next ‘big thing’. More than a “talk for our times”, this was the introduction of a strategy designed to thrive on uncertainty and to ensure the role of the hearing care professional remains future-proof.
Curtis Alcock
Curtis Alcock spoke on...
Managing Director & Creator of Audify®
Will hearing technology ever remove the need for the hearing care professional?
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Maja is a research audiologist in the Audiological Research and Development group at Sivantos GmbH, working on the development, optimisation and clinical evaluation of hearing aid related algorithms. She holds more than 30 patent ideas in the field. Her research has focussed on computational modelling of auditory change detection. She also worked as a guest researcher at the laboratory for neurophysiology at Université Bordeaux Segalen conducting experimental research on auditory enhancement and auditory sensory memory.
Maja presented, along with eight other R&D experts from the BIHIMA member firms, as part of an innovative PechaKucha presentation, which is a contemporary approach to public speaking originating in Tokyo, involving 20 slides with 20 seconds to speak per slide.
Dr Maja Serman
Dr Maja Serman spoke on...
Research Audiologist, Sivantos
Telecare – more than just remote tuning
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David is a Research Audiologist and Product Development Specialist for IntriCon Corporation in Arden Hills, Minnesota. With a doctorate in audiology from the University of Minnesota, David joined IntriCon in 2012 where he focused on behavioural analysis surrounding products in development to make systems easier and more effective for end users. He currently directs audiology service delivery at IntriCon and his role focuses on improving all aspects of the provider and consumer experience.
David presented, along with eight other R&D experts from the BIHIMA member firms, as part of an innovative PechaKucha presentation, which is a contemporary approach to public speaking originating in Tokyo, involving 20 slides with 20 seconds to speak per slide.
Dr David Akbari
Dr David Akbari spoke on...
Research Audiologist and Product Development Specialist, PC Werth
Addressing auditory deprivation
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Elaine is a senior researcher at Oticon A/S, Denmark. Already with a PhD in Disability Research from Linköping University, Sweden, her second doctorate is investigating the cognitive benefits of advanced signal processing in hearing aids and studying the importance of cognition for speech understanding and in listeners with hearing impairment. She joined Oticon A/S in 2017 and is now responsible for clinical research and professional communication.
Elaine presented, along with eight other R&D experts from the BIHIMA member firms, as part of an innovative PechaKucha presentation, which is a contemporary approach to public speaking originating in Tokyo, involving 20 slides with 20 seconds to speak per slide.
Dr Elaine Ng
Dr Elaine Ng spoke on...
Senior Researcher, Oticon
Cognitive Control of a Hearing Aid
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Paul is the Technical Director at Starkey Hearing Technologies where he has worked for 30 years gaining experience across manufacturing, product development, sales and technical support. He is responsible for overseeing the company’s education and training initiatives in the UK and Europe, and his team also work in product testing, planning and release. Paul also lectures on audiology and hearing aid technology for many university programmes, and is also a registered hearing aid dispenser.
Paul presented, along with eight other R&D experts from the BIHIMA member firms, as part of an innovative PechaKucha presentation, which is a contemporary approach to public speaking originating in Tokyo, involving 20 slides with 20 seconds to speak per slide.
Paul Lamb
Paul Lamb spoke on...
Technical Director, Starkey
Understanding the patient's momentary experience
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Ayrton is a Senior Audiologist in the Global Audiology Training and Education team for GN Hearing, based in Denmark, and he brings a unique perspective through his background in Audio Engineering. Ayrton previously worked for ReSound Australia for over three years, gaining experience in Sales & Territory Management and Technical Support, and he has previously worked as a Clinical Audiologist in a busy hospital in Sydney, Australia.
Ayrton presented, along with eight other R&D experts from the BIHIMA member firms, as part of an innovative PechaKucha presentation, which is a contemporary approach to public speaking originating in Tokyo, involving 20 slides with 20 seconds to speak per slide. He spoke about tele-audiology and how this can strengthen the connection between hearing care professionals and their clients and ultimately lead to greater client satisfaction through a better hearing experience.
Ayrton Hogan
Ayrton Hogan spoke on...
Senior Audiologist in Global Audiology Training and Education, GN Hearing
Tele-audiology – Strengthening connections
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Oliver is an Audiological Specialist and Global Trainer for Widex AS, Denmark. He has significant clinical experience having worked as an Adult Rehabilitation and Vestibular specialist at Charing Cross Hospital, as well gaining commercial expertise through various sales and training roles for hearing aid manufacturers in European and Asian/Pacific markets.
Oliver presented, along with eight other R&D experts from the BIHIMA member firms, as part of an innovative PechaKucha presentation, which is a contemporary approach to public speaking originating in Tokyo, involving 20 slides with 20 seconds to speak per slide.
Oliver Townend
Oliver Townend spoke on...
Audiological Affairs Specialist, Widex
Machine Learning Technology
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Nicola is the Global Manager in ‘Artificial Intelligence for Healthy Aging’ for IBM Research at the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He is a researcher, teacher, writer and TEDx speaker focused on exploring the impact of technology in the lives of the aging population and people with disabilities, looking particularly at the situations where personal dignity, human need, business process optimization and technology converge, as well as researching the role of loneliness in physical and cognitive decline. He was part of the team for the 2016 Aging data-driven insights and led the first of its kind IBM project for the Aging Population in the city of Bolzano (Italy) in 2011. He is Adjunct Professor in Social Communications at the Universita' Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan. He and his team have twice been awarded the Computer Honors Award and the Disability Matters Market Place Award.
Society is increasingly being presented with the challenge of how to convert a world built by and for the young into a world that supports and engages a population that will live to be over 100 years old and beyond. This conversion can be supported and facilitated by new technologies, from AI to voice-first devices, but many challenges remain involving how to maintain people’s sense of privacy and purpose, and their need for human interaction. Nicola spoke on the opportunities and strategies in this crucial area of research.
Nicola Palmarini
Nicola Palmarini spoke on…
Global Manager - AI for Healthy Aging at IBM Research
Social fulfilment vs loneliness:
how technology can support an aging population
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Dr Wayne Staab is an audiologist/hearing scientist and internationally recognized expert in hearing health care who has set up his own hearing consultancy and is also the founding partner and editor of the Hearing Health and Technology Matters Internet magazine site. He has been a faculty member at the Universities of North Dakota, Michigan State, Wisconsin, and Arizona State, teaching graduate courses in audiology. His varied background combines managing university and hospital hearing clinical programs, with holding senior roles in the hearing technology sector, including Director of Education (Telex Communications Inc.), Vice-President of Marketing (Audiotone), and Corporate Vice President (Dahlberg/Miracle Ear). Dr Staab has lectured and written extensively on hearing-related topics, publishing over 80 journal articles and five books. He is also the former President of the American Auditory Society and is a member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.
The Over the Counter Hearing Aid Act was passed in the United States last year, designed to enable adults with mild-to-moderate hearing loss to access OTC hearing instruments without first being seen by a hearing care professional. As well as concern over the loss of expertise, there has been considerable debate over the adequacy of the new safety and consumer standards. As an audiologist and expert in hearing health care based in the US, Dr Staab presented an objective American perspective on the subject and its likely impact on audiologists.
Dr Wayne Staab
Dr Wayne Staab spoke on…
President of Dr. Wayne J. Staab Associates,
Founding Partner and Editor of Hearing Health and Technology Matters
The OTC legislation: what will it mean for American audiologists?
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Alan Giles is an Associate Fellow at Said Business School, University of Oxford, where he chairs the advisory board of the Oxford Institute of Retail Management. He is also an Honorary Visiting Professor at Cass Business School, University of London. Alan has extensive experience in the retail sector having held very senior roles including Senior Independent Director of Rentokil Initial plc, Non-Executive Director of The Competition and Markets Authority, Chairman of Fat Face, Chief Executive of HMV Group, and Managing Director of Waterstones. He was awarded an OBE for services to business and the UK economy in the 2018 New Year’s Honours list.
The behaviour of younger consumers is changing at a rapid pace, creating seismic shifts in other markets which will impact audiology. Alan challenged the hearing health industry to get up to speed with tomorrow’s consumers who will be more knowledgeable and expect better value, transparency, personalisation and speed of service. His presentation also outlined other trends such as the continuing move away from outright ownership to pay-as-you-go subscription models and the bundling of goods and services.
Alan Giles
Alan Giles spoke on...
Associate Fellow, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford
Lessons from retail: how consumer trends will affect the audiology sector
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Geoffrey Cooling has over 10 years’ experience in the hearing aid industry, working in private practice and as a sales manager for a large hearing aid manufacturers. In 2014, he co-founded Audiology Engine to offer website design, search engine optimisation and digital marketing services to Independent hearing healthcare businesses. Audiology Engine also run a consumer advice website called Hearing Aid Know which helps their customers improve their online exposure.
Geoffrey spoke about how better understanding of the modern consumer will allow audiology practices to meet their customers’ needs, looking at how customers in the hearing sector have evolved over time, the changing demographics and the effect of stigma, and how online marketing channels are becoming more important.
Geoffrey Cooling
Geoffrey spoke on...
Founder of Audiology Engine
The Future Client: what will consumer changes mean for hearing care practice?
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