Using Swiss Engineering, Bernafon is passionate about developing and marketing quality hearing systems that enable people with hearing difficulties to enjoy authentic listening experiences.

GN Hearing

GN Hearing works in over 80 countries and draws on its many technology centres around the world, where researchers work to apply technology to real human situations.


Oticon makes hearing aids that are famous for their superior sound quality. As technology leaders of the industry, Oticon constantly strives towards their vision: a world where hearing loss is no limitation.


Phonak is part of the Swiss company Sonova Holding AG. Active in over 100 countries worldwide, it has been at the forefront of cutting edge technology for over 70 years.


Built on 150 years of expertise, Signia’s goal is to enhance human performance through iconic innovations. Signia consistently push the boundaries of sound, technology and design.

Starkey Hearing Technologies

Starkey Hearing Technologies is a global provider of hearing solutions, from wireless to invisible hearing instruments, encompassing brands such as Audibel, MicroTech and NuEar.


Unitron is one of the fastest growing hearing instrument manufacturers working with world-leading academic institutions, distributing products in over 45 countries.


Widex is a Danish manufacturer of premium hearing instruments. Famous for superior sound quality, innovative technology and sustainability, Widex strives to achieve natural sound for every wearer.