1.    BIHIMA believes in the right of every hearing impaired person to hear well. The Association therefore supports the UN Declaration on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities as well as the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, especially article 23.

2.    BIHIMA supports the adoption of innovative hearing technology.

3.    BIHIMA aims to build and support public awareness of hearing and tinnitus, including information on how to seek help.

4.    BIHIMA aims in the UK to lead and/or contribute to changing public perceptions of hearing, encouraging people to seek regular hearing checks throughout life.

5.    BIHIMA strives to co-operate with both professional and user organisations within the sector; and those professionals in other related sectors to increase the uptake of instruments as appropriate.

6.    BIHIMA supports professional counselling and fitting of hearing instruments by qualified professionals who are kept up to date by a mandatory continuing education system.

7.    BIHIMA believes that hearing instruments are Medical Devices, for the benefit and safety of the hearing impaired.

8.    BIHIMA supports hearing screening programs for children and adults, to ensure early intervention and optimum cognitive capacity.

9.    BIHIMA does not support the use of unregulated Personal Sound Amplification Products (PSAPs) for treatment of hearing impairment, as the Association believes they are not tested and controlled for the purpose of correcting hearing. For maximum user safety, only officially approved medical devices should be used for correcting hearing.

10.    BIHIMA strives to ensure interference-free access to standardised wireless communication.

11.    BIHIMA will at all times aim, through its members and collaborative partners, to drive an agenda for change with government and other related bodies that recognises the need to improve the lives of people with hearing difficulties.